Monday, July 19

new blog

so i have a new blog. check it out, a new toy is also up there. this blog isnt dead and wont be deleted, but ill most likely stop posting here. the new blog is where its all at.

Tuesday, July 13

ive gone through and fixed up all links. all models are now back up for free download. ive also deleted many useless posts. no im not dead, just really quiet these days. i may soon drift back in, but no promises.

Thursday, January 28

sjors vervoort x dmc

so the vans havent really been touched all that much. i think ive released all of 3 designs? but the other day i recieved an email from a graphic designer who showed some interest. from there 2 customs were born. noodle boy and hungry bugs. apparantely he couldnt decide whther to make a character itself or an actual design. so he went with both. noodle boy is inspired by sjors love for asian noodles and dishes. cant really argue there. and hungry bugs shows all different types of bugs racing towards the gum stuck on the front of the shoe. both shoes are available for free download.
but who is sjors vervoort? Sjors Vervoort is an animator and character designer for the Netherlands, currently located in Melbourne Australia. He designs T-shirts, skins, boards, toys, and occiasionaly does some sticker bombing. Check his work on, or drop him an email on
hes a great designer. you should check out his video here

click the image for its template
or get a nice A3 template. for those who want it big or even try to wear it.
hungry bugs A3
noodle boy A3

hopefully this is the first of many custom vans to come.

Wednesday, December 23

ye-bot custom

so recentley ive been in good contact with marko zubak. another paper toy designer you should be farmiliar with. i did that toy for his magazine, IILove, Chukka, and along with it, i was invited to do a cusatom for his ye-bot. a paper toy he released alongside issue 2 of IILove.the model is something different. all parts are twistable, all on hinges which makes it more fun after just building. when it came to skinning this model i wanted to go for something simple and colourful. this was the result. only 3 different colours and very simple.
you can download this from the ye-bot site.

Sunday, December 20

chukka for IILove

IILove issue 4 was released today. this time the online paper toy mag was set for blank toys. i really nice mag to flick through. showing heaps of artists toys as blanks. its not normally what we like to see but i must admit it is really nice. you must check this mag out. not only that, be i recently designed a model just for IILove. Chukka. this model can only be downloaded through the mag. i wont be releasing any other designs. possibly pics, but thats it.
page 28-29
this model can get tricky. email me if you need help. but thats no garuntee, ill only be guiding you by words, not pictures.

Wednesday, December 9

25th Hoodlum x Hypemuch x dmc

so recentley i collaborated with one of the guys from hype much for a melbourne beased street wear festival. my job was to design a nice old hip hop mascot for the night. and that i did.the night was a great turnout so i hear. over 750 turned up. a heap of freebies and loads of free doughnuts which is always a bonus. go check out the site

more info on the model and festival here

Thursday, November 12

Gubie Gubie

so a while ago i did a custom fr my friend harold. that cute bunny with an axe in his head? well now its out. free for all to download. so head over to his site and download this guy. while your there check out the other customs. hes recieved many nice ones.

era black

heres one i finished a while ago now. but only just getting round to pictures and uploading it. not too sure what i should do. like if im gonna continue to release difdferent designs, i should set up a new site. like hoody. so im thinking i should just release a few and then show off a heap of pictures if different designed ones. dont think ill ever release blank template though.

this model is for free only and non comercial use. the shoe is not owned by me, that would be vans, but this template is mine however.

Tuesday, October 27

Vans Era

finished the vans era shoe. and it looks sweet. for now im only releasing the blue template. i think ill release the blank but later on and show off bulk pictures of different designs. but for now, enjoy the blue one.

this shoe is not my original design. this shoe is owned by Vans as well as the logo shown on the template. i have just recreated the shoe as fan art for non-comercial purposes only!

Wednesday, October 14


recentley i was contacted by dyadik. the man behind dikids. another talented papertoy artist that ive seen around. although i think it was our first contact, dunno. anyways. i was invited to custom his model, Dumpy. and the answer was a sure yes. if hes willing to contact me and ask to do a custom, then it shows he actually likes my stuff and well willing to actually get around and email people, so of course i was willing to custom. his models pretty awesome. so with a new model to design a skin, id figure id go with yet another flanno pattern. not quite over them yet. so for all those who wanna grab this custom. head over to his site. and i encourage all ya to do a custom for him too. why? well its an awesome model and we wouldnt want it o go to waste?

Tuesday, October 6

Keeps 3

still working on keeps. this models awesome to design and build. if you notice, the only thing different about each design is the hat and shirt. so all im doing is making the hat and shirt of each design, and ripping the head, arms and pants off the old model. done within 5 minutes. anyways, heres the latest addition.

Sunday, October 4

Keeps, brighter

keeps it pretty much my favourite toy for adding patterns to. right now im working on a heap of different stitch like patterns, to keep to the flanno idea. so heres the latest addition to Keeps. hes alot brighter. and rather than having all these links around the site to different keeps, im keeping all the download links in one post.

Monday, September 28


after showing off a few pictures of the godzilla v king kong model ive had a few people wanting the godzilla model. but i designed it specially for the magzine be-street. but with it resembling so much like the nanibird model and since josh let me get away with it, id figure id repay him and help all those who want the godzilla model by customing nanibird to the godzilla model. and finally it finished. i emailed josh with the template and a few photos and its now up there available for download.

Saturday, September 19


update: the competition has closed and unfortunatley i did not win. back to the drawing board for the tees.

finishes my atta-boy entry. hopefully it should win me some tees. i name him stan. i ahve no idea why. just stan. i added a few things to the model. did it up until i was happy with it. i really wanna win. ive already got the tee designs in mind. but anyways. the model should be available at the webiste. the link is below.

Friday, September 11


Keeps has been sitting in my folders for a while now. i designed him for this project however the project never came to be. this model is quite easy. if you have no problem building hoody, then you'll have no problem building this guy.
the pants and shoes are all the same. the head is very easy, i took it off my calling all cars custom. the shirts the hard part. but easy to get.

read: this model has 2 sheets. one for all the parts, and one to print on the back to add colour to the underside of hat, shirt, so on...
you must
print the first sheet then put it back into the printer on the other side, head first. if you dont follow these instructions, the template wont work.
any further questions? email me.

Friday, June 12

horrorwoods calling all cars series 3 is finally here. a long awaited series. which will be the same for hoody, long awaited. i have exams this week so you know... anyways. the seires that my model "oh hey ladies" is in is along side 4 other awesome artists. harlancore, scott schaller methup and billy toledo. all models looking awesome. so go over to check out them out and get busy.