Monday, September 28


after showing off a few pictures of the godzilla v king kong model ive had a few people wanting the godzilla model. but i designed it specially for the magzine be-street. but with it resembling so much like the nanibird model and since josh let me get away with it, id figure id repay him and help all those who want the godzilla model by customing nanibird to the godzilla model. and finally it finished. i emailed josh with the template and a few photos and its now up there available for download.

Saturday, September 19


update: the competition has closed and unfortunatley i did not win. back to the drawing board for the tees.

finishes my atta-boy entry. hopefully it should win me some tees. i name him stan. i ahve no idea why. just stan. i added a few things to the model. did it up until i was happy with it. i really wanna win. ive already got the tee designs in mind. but anyways. the model should be available at the webiste. the link is below.

Friday, September 11


Keeps has been sitting in my folders for a while now. i designed him for this project however the project never came to be. this model is quite easy. if you have no problem building hoody, then you'll have no problem building this guy.
the pants and shoes are all the same. the head is very easy, i took it off my calling all cars custom. the shirts the hard part. but easy to get.

read: this model has 2 sheets. one for all the parts, and one to print on the back to add colour to the underside of hat, shirt, so on...
you must
print the first sheet then put it back into the printer on the other side, head first. if you dont follow these instructions, the template wont work.
any further questions? email me.