Tuesday, October 27

Vans Era

finished the vans era shoe. and it looks sweet. for now im only releasing the blue template. i think ill release the blank but later on and show off bulk pictures of different designs. but for now, enjoy the blue one.

this shoe is not my original design. this shoe is owned by Vans as well as the logo shown on the template. i have just recreated the shoe as fan art for non-comercial purposes only!

Wednesday, October 14


recentley i was contacted by dyadik. the man behind dikids. another talented papertoy artist that ive seen around. although i think it was our first contact, dunno. anyways. i was invited to custom his model, Dumpy. and the answer was a sure yes. if hes willing to contact me and ask to do a custom, then it shows he actually likes my stuff and well willing to actually get around and email people, so of course i was willing to custom. his models pretty awesome. so with a new model to design a skin, id figure id go with yet another flanno pattern. not quite over them yet. so for all those who wanna grab this custom. head over to his site. and i encourage all ya to do a custom for him too. why? well its an awesome model and we wouldnt want it o go to waste?

Tuesday, October 6

Keeps 3

still working on keeps. this models awesome to design and build. if you notice, the only thing different about each design is the hat and shirt. so all im doing is making the hat and shirt of each design, and ripping the head, arms and pants off the old model. done within 5 minutes. anyways, heres the latest addition.

Sunday, October 4

Keeps, brighter

keeps it pretty much my favourite toy for adding patterns to. right now im working on a heap of different stitch like patterns, to keep to the flanno idea. so heres the latest addition to Keeps. hes alot brighter. and rather than having all these links around the site to different keeps, im keeping all the download links in one post.