Thursday, January 28

sjors vervoort x dmc

so the vans havent really been touched all that much. i think ive released all of 3 designs? but the other day i recieved an email from a graphic designer who showed some interest. from there 2 customs were born. noodle boy and hungry bugs. apparantely he couldnt decide whther to make a character itself or an actual design. so he went with both. noodle boy is inspired by sjors love for asian noodles and dishes. cant really argue there. and hungry bugs shows all different types of bugs racing towards the gum stuck on the front of the shoe. both shoes are available for free download.
but who is sjors vervoort? Sjors Vervoort is an animator and character designer for the Netherlands, currently located in Melbourne Australia. He designs T-shirts, skins, boards, toys, and occiasionaly does some sticker bombing. Check his work on, or drop him an email on
hes a great designer. you should check out his video here

click the image for its template
or get a nice A3 template. for those who want it big or even try to wear it.
hungry bugs A3
noodle boy A3

hopefully this is the first of many custom vans to come.