Wednesday, December 23

ye-bot custom

so recentley ive been in good contact with marko zubak. another paper toy designer you should be farmiliar with. i did that toy for his magazine, IILove, Chukka, and along with it, i was invited to do a cusatom for his ye-bot. a paper toy he released alongside issue 2 of IILove.the model is something different. all parts are twistable, all on hinges which makes it more fun after just building. when it came to skinning this model i wanted to go for something simple and colourful. this was the result. only 3 different colours and very simple.
you can download this from the ye-bot site.

Sunday, December 20

chukka for IILove

IILove issue 4 was released today. this time the online paper toy mag was set for blank toys. i really nice mag to flick through. showing heaps of artists toys as blanks. its not normally what we like to see but i must admit it is really nice. you must check this mag out. not only that, be i recently designed a model just for IILove. Chukka. this model can only be downloaded through the mag. i wont be releasing any other designs. possibly pics, but thats it.
page 28-29
this model can get tricky. email me if you need help. but thats no garuntee, ill only be guiding you by words, not pictures.

Wednesday, December 9

25th Hoodlum x Hypemuch x dmc

so recentley i collaborated with one of the guys from hype much for a melbourne beased street wear festival. my job was to design a nice old hip hop mascot for the night. and that i did.the night was a great turnout so i hear. over 750 turned up. a heap of freebies and loads of free doughnuts which is always a bonus. go check out the site

more info on the model and festival here